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Mechanical Drawings

MechanicalDrawings.biz offers conversion of mechanical drawings. With years of experience in mechanical drawings our experts can convert your job as soon as you need it. Our work is 100% accurate, which can be seen by the number of satisfied customers across US, UK, Europe, Japan and Australia.

Our mechanical drawings conversion services help you:

Communicate your design ideas better. Exhibit your perception (includes using color schemes and lighting) accurately. We accept mechanical drawings in any format (JPEG, TIFF, GIFF, PDF etc) and keep to your layering standards (AIA or any standard you may want). Our experienced team can deliver your mechanical drawings in the format of your choice (DWG, DGN, DXF etc). We work in AutoCAD, AutoDesk Inventor, MDT and SolidWorks etc.

Our output guarantees:
1) 100% satisfaction
2) Timely delivery
3) Delivered in the desired output format of your choice.

Trust the experts to assure you a perfect mechanical drawing conversion.
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Mechanical Drafting

MechanicalDrawings.biz has years of experience in mechanical cad drafting services and can meet all your projects custom needs in a cost effective manner. MechanicalDrawings.biz guarantees that your project will be completed with 100% accuracy.

Our mechanical cad drafting services include conversion of drawings to CAD formats, raster to CAD conversions, raster to micro-station conversion, usage of CAD in presentations without loss of details, CAD vectorization, CAD design drafting, and micro-station vectorization.

We guarantee that your project will be completed quickly, efficiently, delivered in the specified format of your choosing, and will completely meet you standards of approval.

Trust the experts to assure you a perfect mechanical cad drafting.

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Raster to Vector

Rasters to Vector conversion [ R2v cad conversion ] are essential for your projects success. Raster images are composed of pixels that make them virtually impossible to scale up without distorting the image, and are generally lower in quality. A vector image is made up of numerical points and can be resized as large or small as needed with almost no loss of quality.

These vector images can also be divided into as many layers as needed to separate the various elements of your file. By separating the file into layers, certain elements may be removed or changed without disrupting the rest of the file.

We can convert and graphic what you send us from Raster to Vector format. We do not use automatic vector conversion software. The vector conversion process involves a significant amount of time as each shape of your graphic is traced using professional Vector drawing programs. We use this process to ensure that the final product is of the highest possible quality and accuracy. Please email us a copy of your graphics for an estimate.

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