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Paper to Cad Conversion

Paper to CAD conversion (Paper2CAD) is becoming essential for businesses who need to manage large quantities of old paper drawings. Converting your legacy paper drawings to CAD format not only cuts down storage space and retrieval time, it increases the document’s lifespan and allows it to be reworked with ease and security.

Mechanical Drawings, a division of Design Presentation Associates, Inc., can help you with Paper to CAD conversion. Just scan your documents and upload them on our website. We have developed a proprietary process to convert scanned drawings to CAD without sacrificing quality or accuracy; we utilize the most up-to-date methods available to ensure 100% satisfaction. Our team, located in a highly secure facility, has years of experience in helping companies convert confidential documents from Paper to CAD, including federal, state and local governments across North America. We can accurately convert complex documents, even those that are damaged or worn.

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