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Steel Detailing

Structural Steel Shop Drawing/Detailing/Drafting Services in SolidWorks and AutoCAD

MechanicalDrawings.com, a division of Design Presentation Associates, offers high end structural fabrication drawings and steel shop drawings in SolidWorks and AutoCAD. We have a team of steel detailers who craft structural steel shop drawings and steel fabrication drawings that can be used directly for fabrication of parts, assemblies and other steel items.

We provide detailed structural steel fabrication shop drawings as well as steel erection drawings for industrial, residential and commercial structures, infrastructure projects for clients in the North America and Europe. We can prepare drawings for a wide variety of structures, including towers, bridges, storage bunkers and silos, junction houses, ducts, pipe racks, galleries and walkways, access stairways, equipment supports, columns, beams, braces, stairs, handrails, ladders and other structures.

We provide SolidWorks sheet metal design services for custom metal products and components such as door, window, metal furniture design, duct design, box, bracket, cabinet, enclosure, press tool, kiosks, hinge design and many more.

For sheet metal forming processes, we also provide support for die design. We can deliver detailed 2D shop drawings, equipment fabrication drawings, flat patterns, 3D solid models and manufacturing documentation.

We have executed hundreds of industrial structure detailing drawings and commercial structure steel and fabrication drawing projects.

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  1. Sheet Metal Design
  2. Steel fabrication drawing/3D model
  3. General Arrangement Drawings
  4. Shop and Erection Detail drawings
  5. Stairs and Handrails fabrication details
  6. Anchor Bolt Plan/Anchor Setting Plan
  7. Bolt lists
  8. Assembly Drawings
  9. Part Drawings
  10. Part List
  11. Bill of Quantities/Bill of Materials
  12. Steel Bar Joist Drawings
  13. Steel Assembly Drawings
  14. Steel Connection Detailing
  15. Staircase Detailing Services
  16. Stair Handrail Detailing Services
  17. Canopy Steel Detailing
  18. Carport Steel Detailing
  19. Steel Grating Detailing Services