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To get a quote please follow the steps outlined below:
  • 1. Make a sketch and note down any special instructions.
  • 2. Scan the sketch using a scanner to make a bitmap, raster or PDF file.
  • 3. Upload the file using the short form below.
  • 4. We will send you a quote promptly.
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Raster to Vector

Rasters to Vector conversion [ R2v cad conversion ] are essential for your projects success. Raster images are composed of pixels that make them virtually impossible to scale up without distorting the image, and are generally lower in quality. A vector image is made up of numerical points and can be resized as large or small as needed with almost no loss of quality.

These vector images can also be divided into as many layers as needed to separate the various elements of your file. By separating the file into layers, certain elements may be removed or changed without disrupting the rest of the file.

We can convert and graphic what you send us from Raster to Vector format. We do not use automatic vector conversion software. The vector conversion process involves a significant amount of time as each shape of your graphic is traced using professional Vector drawing programs. We use this process to ensure that the final product is of the highest possible quality and accuracy. Please email us a copy of your graphics for an estimate.

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